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Why Amalphia?

The spirit of the Amalfi Coast

One of the most fabled maritime towns in Italy, Amalfi has been attracting adventurers, merchants, conquerors, artists and curious explorers for centuries. Once a republic and a powerful political entity, it still retains some of that rebellious spirit. Of course, the sea is an intrinsic part of its identity, with all the sense of legend that entails. Our name draws on that mythology. Legend has it that the town may have been founded by Hercules, who chose its beach to bury his beloved Amalfi – or Amalphia – the nymph with the sea-coloured eyes. We think it’s a fitting and playful way to reflect our heritage.

We honour that history but we wear it with a light touch – everything we do is designed to make your visit feel relaxed, comfortable and memorable. Staying with us means living right in the heart of the action while being sequestered away in a thoughtful space that is bijou yet perfectly formed. You’ll find the spirit of the Amalfi Coast here – not just in the design details, but in something a little more nuanced: generous hospitality that comes from the heart. We’re here to help you bypass cliché and get under the skin of this bustling town – whether that’s through booking you an off-the-beaten track restaurant or recommending a lesser-known scenic walk. We’ll give you the keys to the coast. That’s our calling card.

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